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Veja grátis o arquivo Business Start-Up 2-Students Book enviado para a disciplina de Inglês Categoria: Exercícios - BUSINESS START UP 2 WORKBOOK PDF - Are you looking for business start up 2 workbook. PDF?. If you are a reader who likes to download business start up. Results Business Roles 2 Book Table Of Contents (Book). PDF, kb. Download. Business Start Up Level 1 Beginner Can Do Statements Activity.

Appl e pi e. Woul d anyone el se l i ke cof f ee? Woul d anyone el se l i ke desser t? For me, um. To st ar t , t he t omat o soup, pl ease. Ycs, t he same f or me, pl ease. The t omat o soup. The l amb, wi t h peas and car r ot s f or me, pl ease. Can I have st eak, chi ps and peas, pl ease? Wh at pr oj ect ar e you wor ki ng on at t he moment? And now? Vanessa You' r e t he boss, t hough, so you' r e not payi ng.

Vanessa I see. Wel l , t hat ' s one of my quest i ons, act ual l y What ' s your budget? They' r e nr y busi ncss par t ner s. Vanessa And your busi ness par t ner s ar e hot el manager s. John That ' s r i ght. So, how l ong ar e you st ayi ng i n Fr ance? Ei ght een mont hs. And we' r e mor e or l ess on schedul e. At t he moment , we' r e wor ki ng on t he bat hr ooms.

Key 1 Wher e ar e you wor ki ng now? St udent B Thev' r e decor at i no a r oom. Ar e you over budget? No, you' r e. SB Page 96, Exer ci se 2. St udent B The man i n my phot o' s eat i ng a hot dog. Teach i n g n o t es Lesson2. Transcript Rowan So, t he mai n t hi ng i s, we want cr eat i ve peopl e. We want r el i abl e peopl e.

Rowan Yeah. We want peopl e r , vho ar e pr of essi onal. We don' t have t he same peopl e wor ki ng t oget her al l t he t i me. So t hey need t o cope wi t h change. Sur e. They need t he conf i dence t o pr esent and expl ai n i deas.

And t her c' s t he pr obl em of under st andi ng r vhat t he cl i ent s want. I t ' s not ahvays cl ear. That ' s t he manager ' s j ob, t hough. Key example answers The peopl e need t o be: Rowan Wel l , we want someone t o manage t he depar t ment. We need a manager t o make t he new st r at egy wor k. We don' t r eal l y need new i deas. Mar co' s exper i enced, he knows t he company wel l , and he knows what we want.

OK, he enj oys wor ki ng f or t he company, he' s not goi ng t o l eave suddenl y, he' s popul ar i n t he depar t ment , but. We know Mar co' s a good sal esman. But , what about t he ot her peopl e i n t he depar t ment?

They wor k wi t hhi m at t he moment. What happens i f t hey have t o wor k f or hi m? What spor t s do you wat ch on TV? St udent A I can see r ugby and. St udent B Yes, and t her e' s al so. Key 1 2 e l e Tronscript Woman So, ar e you wat chi nc t he cup f i nal t hi s l veekend? Ma n Um. Woman Don' t you l i ke f oot bal l? Man No. Sor r y t o sound so Woman mi ser abl e! So what do you l i ke, t hen? Oh r i ght. My husbar - r d pl ays. Man Oh, r i ght.

So, do you have yoLl r own hor se? Man Yeah. Woman Tr opi cal f i sh? Woman Pi r anhas? So you t hi nk she' s l ess beaut i f ul t han name? Do you l i ke shoppi ng? When do you go shoppi ng? Use Reso u r ce sh eet 3. Th e co mmo n opposi t e of: We need somet hi ng di f f er ent. OK, t he Aer osaur us i s mor e expensi ve.

We can make a bi gger pr of i t mar gi n. Mar i l yn We can makc a bi gger mar gi n, but we can onl y make a good pr of i t i f we sel l cnough vacul l m cl eaner s. How nl any of t hese Aer o. Li onel Of cour se i t does!

The ot her one has moder n l ook. Transcript Li onel Mar i l yn, t hese ar e bot h t op qual i t y pr oduct s! The qual i t y' s t he san1e. Mar i l yn I know. But t hey don' t l ook t he same.

Aer osaur us. Wel l of cour se i t does. I knol v, but what do r nost cust omer s want? Who i s t he youngest woman i n t hi s gr oup? Transcript I nt er vi ewer So, when you desi gn an of f i ce, r vher e do y ou st ar t? St eve Wel l , t he f i r st quest i on i s, how much space do you need? So yot r have t o l ook at what peopl e need t o do i n t he of f i ce, l ook at what equi pment t hey need - you knou' , most peopl e need a phone, a comput er , u m. I nt er vi ewer A cof f ce machi ne.

You know, so peopl e have shor t cof f ee br eaks. So you want bi g wi ndows, i f possi bl e. Yeah, you usual l y want a l ot of l i ght. Do you hke t hat sor t of desi gn? You know, cost i s al ways t he bi ggest pr obl em. At t he end of t he day, wal l s cost money. Wi t h anyt hi ng t hat cost s money, cl i ent s al ways ask, i s i t r eal l y necessar y? Do you l i ke geogr aphy? Do you r ead t r avel books or magozi nes about ot her count r i es?

Do you have mops on your comput er? Do you r ead gui de books about o t own or count r y bef or e you t r avel? Kq 1 The beaches and t he weat her.

I l l e expl ai ns t hat you can have Chr i st mas di nner on t he beach, because i t i s summer t her e. Ch oi ces 3 Transcript Car ol i ne So, what do you t hi nk of Hawai i? The beaches ar e amazi ng. We' ve got some good sr - r r f i ng beaches i n New Zeal and, but her e i t ' s. Al i st ai r Yeah.

At i st ai r To New Zeal and? Car ol i ne Yeah. Lat e Deccmber , ear l y Januar y. You can have Chr i st mas di nner on t he beach, no pr obl em! Car ol i ne Oh, sur e. So, what ar e t he best pl aces t o see? Or you can r ent a camper van. That ' s what a l ot of peopl e do. Ther e ar e hundr eds of campsi t es, wher e you can. Car ol i ne Can you r ecommend some campsi t es? Al i st ai r Yeah, I can ei ve you some good addr esses. Ther e' s one campsi t e, next t o a l ake. Key 1 successful 2 much 3 complicated 4 low Soften 6 dangerous 25 Students listen to Rob and make a list of the adjectives he uses.

The listening is short, so play the recording more than once, to give students time to write down all the adjectives. Key Because the bicycle is a very successful invention. Ask questions: What day was it yesterday? What was the date? Students discuss the sentence and say whether they agree or not. This could be done in pairs first and then as a class discussion.

Ask for examples of 'simple' inventions. Students work with a partner and discuss why the bicycle was a successful invention.

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Play the recording for students to listen and answer the question. Any ideas why? What are the main advantages of bikes? They don't cost much. They're not complicated. They're easy to use, yeah. Not too easy when you're going uphill! No, that's true. Let's say 'simple'. Running costs are low. OK, yeah. Very cheap to run. They don't often break down.

They're safe. They're not too dangerous. So, a successful invention, for all those reasons. And, with modern bikes, we have a good example of using the latest materials for a design that's over a hundred years old.

Start Ecommerce Niche Research

Key cheap, simple, economical, efficient, reliable, safe Transcript So, to sum up, then. They're cheap, simple, economical and efficient, reliable and safe. Now, that checklist is the same, no matter what sort of..

SB Page 97, Exercise 1. Have students brainstorm on very successful products and products that have failed. Point to the photo of the Sinclair C5 and see if students know what it is. Ask if it looks useful. Students then read the text to find out if the C5 was a success. With weaker groups, do this with the class. Key No, the Sinclair CS was a failure. Students then consolidate the past simple of be.

They need to refer to information in the text. Key 1 was 2 wasn't 3 were 4 weren't be: Grammar reference No, t he comput er i s. St udent. The bi ggest pr obl em, I t hi nk, was. I t was act ual l y qui t e danger ous. I t was heavy. I mean, f or get i t! St udent B Yes, and t oo hot i n summer. Kq 1 That car i sn' t f ast enough.

Lui s. Car l a: Wor ked. Past si mp t e: They wanr ed r o use comput er s. No, i t wasn' t possi bl e. Transcript l ake So t hi s i s qui t e an easy pr oj ect. I t r vas a mar ket i ng vi deo, f or a chemi cal s company. I t was. Ct i ent Oh, r i ght. So what di d you do? Cl i ent Yeah.

Ct i ent So how di d you make t he box? What di d you use? Not hi ng compl i cat ed. They had anot her pr oduct i on pr ocess wher e, um. So what di d you say? They t hought maybe we coul d use a speci al camer a or somet hi ng, but , um.

Key 1 So what di d you do? Last mont h I. Vocabul ar y pr act i ce ". Dave Yeah, OK, t hanks. I t was ni cc t o have some war m weat her f or a change. We at c out si de yest er day, at l uncht i me. Tessa Di d you? Dave Yeah. Tessa Oh, no. You di dn' t have peopl e comi ng r ound? Nor mal l y, when we have a bar becue, I do t he cooki ng, you see.

But ot her wi se my wi f e cooks, s o. Dav e Wel l. No, act ual l y, I had qui t e a busy weekend. I got up ear l y on Sat ur day and wor ked al l day. Then on Sunday, I got up ear l y and pai nt cd i t.

What about you? What di d you do? Tessa Not n- r uch r eal l y. Wc went t o t he ci nema on Sat ur day ni qht. Dave Oh yeah? What di d you see? Tessa Ol ' r , i t wasn' t ver y goocl. What di d Dave do on Sunday? Wher e di d Dave hove l unch? Why di dn' t Dave cook? We bot h wat ched TV on Sat ur doy ni ght. Col l at e t h ese on t he boar d under shor t headi ngs e. Syt vi e Fi ne, t hanks. Mi chael Yeah, ver y wel l , t hanks. Syl vi e Ar e you get t i ng r eady f or t he conf er ence next mont h?

Mi chael Um. How ar e you goi ng t o San Fr anci sco? Mi ch ael Um. So, u m. Syl vi e Yeah. That ' s u' hat I t hought , act ual l y. Then we can wor k on t he pl ane. Mi chaet Yeah, t hat makes sense. Mi chael Yeah, no pr obl er n. What about booki ng a hot el? Syt vi e Un- r. Mi chael Yeah, good i dea. I ' 11get back t o you. Syl vi e Gr eat. Shal l we speak at about f our t hi r t y? Mi chael Yes, f i ne. Syl vi e OK. Mi chael Thanks f or cal l i ng, Syl vi e.

St udent Shal l I open t he wi ndow? Mi me. St udent A Shal l I get a chai r? Ar r an gemen t s 5 Key example answers t Shal l I f i nd out? St udent A Shal l I or der f or you? St udent B No t hanks. El i ci t t he answer: My f l i ght l eoves on Wednesday at 10 am. Key For mal: Hi , l et me knor. Kry 1 Pl ease f i nd at t ached, Pl ease f i nd bel ow 2 Fol l owi ng our t el ephone conver sat i on t hi s mor ni ng, As di scussed 3 l f you need any f ur t her det ai l s, pl ease do not hesi t at e t o cont act me.

Tom Dent From: Naomi Lind Subject: Please find attached the agenda for the meeting. Divide the class into pairs and each pair into A and B. Give them time to look at their different pages. Summarise the scenario by telling them that Student A wants to visit a company to make a presentation. Student A starts and should make notes of what they agree.

Demonstrate the start of a phone call with a student before students do the role play in pairs. Monitor and support them during the conversation. After the pair work choose one or two pairs to do the phone call for the class. Finally, pairs work together to write an emait from the sales manager confirming the arrangements made on the phone. Refer students to email b, on SB page 32 as a template. Afterwards one or two students could read out the email to the class.

To personalise the language of the unit, students think of an email they wrote recently to confirm arrangements and write it in English.

This could be done as a homework assignment. Following the telephone conversation students write an email, from Naomi Lind to Tom Dent, confirming the arrangements and sending the document as an attachment. Key lA 2T 3A 4A 5T Present tenses as future Point out that both the present simple and the present continuous can be used with future meaning. Refer students to the examples in the grammar box and ask them to provide other examples, of their own, to illustrate the difference in meaning. ID Grammar practice SB Page 99, Exercise 4.

Key 1 arrives 2 starts 3 'm going 4 'm giving 5 finishes 6 're staying Transcript Naomi So, when's the best time to meet, for you? I'm free next week. I can't make it next week.

I'm busy all week. The week after's OK for me. Naomi The week after. What about Monday? Monday, December the twelfth? Yes, that's OK for me. In the morning? Half past nine? Nine thirty? Yeah, that's fine.

Monday, December the twelfth at nine thirty, then. Tom And can you send me an agenda? Naomi Yes, I'll write an agenda this morning, and send it to you this afternoon. OK, so I look forward to receiving that, and I'll see you on the twelfth. Naomi OK. I look forward to seeing you then.

Tom OK. Naomi Bye. You could conclude by playing the recording once more, for them to listen and read through the whole dialogue. Key 1 Monday, December 12th 2 at 9. Do you know any f i l ms or document ar i es about Al cat r az? Who was ' The bi r dman of Al cat r az'? Do you havc any i nf or mat i on about Al c- at r az? A Yes. B Ah, OK. Thank you. I s t her c anpvher e near her e wher e you can download gi f t s. Thanks ver y much.

What ar e t he openi ng t i mes? Have you got any st r eet bcep? How nr uch ar e t hev? Transcript I nt er vi ewer What do you t hi nk about t he l ocat i on of t he r esor t , near Ber l i n?

Tr opi cal I sl ands Resor t di dn' t bui l d t he dome.

So Tr opi cal I sl ands bought i t and. Possi bl y. Do you t hi nk someone wi l l bui l d anot her dome l i ke t hi s somer vher e, one day? I t ' s possi bl e, yeah. Maybe t her e' s a huge mar ket f or t her n. St uaent s cor r ect t he f at se sent ences i n 2b. Kq Per hapsl Maybe go at t he st ar t of a sent ence. Per haps sameone wi l l come. Use Resou r ce sh eet 6. Vocabul ar y pr act i ce.

SB Page , Exer ci se 2. SB Page , Exercise 3. Key 1 c 2 a 3 e 4 b 5 d Key 1 a 2 a 3 b Do you think we'll see a space tourism industry in the next Is that realistic? I think so, yeah. I'm not sure how big it'll be. It all depends how much it costs. You know, if a flight costs If tickets cost over five hundred thousand dollars, very few people will download them. Obviously, it'll be expensive. The question is, how expensive?

Some people say two hundred thousand dollars is a realistic price. In the long term, I think the cost will need to be less than that. Probably less than half that. What do you think space tourists will want? What sort of experience? Urn '" I think they'll want I think it has to be a real space trip. If it's too short, then people won't be happy.

I don't think it needs to last for hours, but a couple of minutes won't be enough. It has to be worth the money.

What do you think it will take to really make space tourism take off? If somebody shows that it's possible, for a reasonable price, I think that'll be the start.

If the first company is successful, a lot of others will follow. And, obviously, the top priority is safety. That's the big challenge - to show that it's safe. Interviewer Key 1 goal, target, aim, objective 2 ambitious, optimistic 3 realistic Interviewer Interviewer Caroline Caroline Caroline This activity provides a further opportunity for vocabulary building.

Students need to refer back to the text to find the words to complete the synonyms and definitions. They can compare answers in pairs, before checking answers with the whole class. Play the recording for students to listen to Caroline talking about space tourism and to decide which sentences match her views.

Business Start-Up 2 (Workbook).pdf

Lesson 6. Write Space in a circle in the middle of the board and write key words around it important dates, names of spaceships, first people in space etc. Collate students' contributions. Then students read the three opinions about space tourism and say if they agree with any of them or not. Write the three headlines on the board and record against each the number of students who agree with each: Key 1 wI' 3 wI' 6 wI' Students make sentences to describe Virgin Galactic's plans and objectives using prompts and the present continuous.

Discussing aims 1 space tourism in 10 years' time 2 space tourism - big industry in years' time 3 rich tourists in space in years' time Also write two columns to record reasons For and Against.

Refer students to the photos of Virgin Galactic. Ask them what they know about the Virgin group. Do they know any other Virgin companies? Do they know the name of the owner?

For information see www.

Business Start-up 2 Teacher's Book

Then students can read the article independently or, with a weaker class, go through together as a class. Then students decide which sentences match the company's objectives.

Students work with a partner and ask and answer questions about Virgin Galactic's plans. Monitor to make sure they use the present continuous. After the pair work ask one or two pairs to do the activity for the class.

Teacher l f i t r ai ns at t he weekend. St udent 7 I won' t do t he gar deni ng. I f youwor k har d, you' l l achi eve your goal. Kry 1 Book your seat i n advance f or even l ower f ar es.

How much woul d t he hol i day cost f or t wo peopl e? Can you get your money back i f you need t o cancel? How much do you pay i f your sui t case i s t oo heavy? How l on g. Whi ch ai r por t. What ki nd of hot el. Haw mu ch l u ggage. How can I hel p you? Cust omer Hel l o. Assi st ant Li sbon? Cust omer Yes. Assi st ant What dat e ar e you pl anni ng t o l eave?

Cust omer On May t he t went y- f our t h. Assi st ant May t he t went y- f our t h. Cust omer A r et ur n, yes. Assi st ant No. For t hat f ar e, you can' t change t he booki ng, and t her e' s no r ef und i f you cancel. And ar c t her e anv ext r a char ges? No, t hat ' s i ncl uded. The excess baggage char ce i s si x pounds per ki l ogr am, but f or a sur f boar d. Key exampl e ans. Key No. He can' t choose hi s seat unt i l check i n. Transcript Cust omer. OK, can I book a seat , t hen, pl ease?

Can I t ake your name, pl ease? Cust omer Sur e. Cust omer That ' s r i ght. Assi st ant And hor v u' oul cl you l i ke t o pay? Cust omer Do you t ake Vi sa? Assi st ant Of cour se, no pr obl em. Coul d I t ake t he number pl ease? And t he expi r y dat e i s August. Assi st ant Thank 1' c. Cust omer OK. You can choose yol l r seat when you check i n. Ri ght , OK. Key Fl i ght 45 56 Gl asgow - Li sbon Passenger name: Si mon Br i gt on Payment met hod: Vi sa car d Car d number: B Yes, ex cel l en t.

B Yes, v er y su ccessf u l. W Mak e sen t en ces. Teacher When di d you st ar t wor k wi t h your pr esent company? Ask st udent s quest i ons: Have you ever been a wai t er?

Gr ammar r ef er en ce 4. Mar i a Yeah. I ' ve used TP Cont r ol. Mar i a Ri ght. We used t hat her e, a f ew year s ago. So di d you use TP i n Cape Town? Jer ome Yeah. Then when I was i n Bost on, we used a syst em cal l ed Ar r ow. Mar i a I know And we' ve changed so many t i mes, as wel l.

Have you ever used Conduct or? Conduct or? That was t he syst em t hey had when I j oi ned. I t was ver y good, act ual l y. Gr ammar r ef er en ce ". Key 1 Have you used t hi s pr ogr amme bef or e? Have we f i ni shed Uni t 7 yet? Have we done t hi s exer ci se yet? Have we done Uni t 6 yet? So f ar we' ve l ear ned t he pr esent si mpl e, t he pr esent cont i nuous, t he past si mpl e and t he pr esent per f ect!

Use Resou r ce sh eet 7. Kq Good news: Teacher Fi nd. St udent Found. Af t er each one ask: Andy Yves, i t ' s Andy Bel l. Yves Andy, hi. How ar e t hi ngs? Yves I s ever yt hi ng ncar l y r eady? Andy Wel l , we' r , e got a f ul l account s depar t ment. I i nt er vi ewed someone on Monday and she ' s accept ed t he post. Sar a Ber nar d. Yves OK, good.

And, what about t he I T syst er n? Andy No, we. Yves We need t o. They shoul d answer wi t h not yet , al r eady and so f ar. Teacher Hel l o. St udent Hel l o, John. How ar e t hi ngs goi ng? Teacher Qui t e wel l.

St udent Have you met t he l ocal pr oper t y consul t ant yet? That was a r eal l y usef ul meet i ng.

Pr esent per f ect: Ask st u den t s wh at t h e ph ot os su ggest about St eve Fosset t. Key The ar t i cl e i s about St eve Fosset t and hi s advent ur es.

Kry Because he l i kes chal l enges I scar y advent ur es and woul d get bor ed i f he di dn' t f i nd new chal l enges. Teacher l t was.

St udent l t was amazi ng. Br endan You' ve done a par achut e j un- r p? Li sa Yeah. Br endan Ser i ousl y? Li sa Yeah! Br endan When? Li sa About. Br endan Wowl I ' m i r npr essed! Li sa Fant ast i c! You wer en' t t oo scar ed, t hen?

I was bef or e I j umped. But as soon as your par achut e opens, i t ' s. Yeah, I bet. I t was OK. Not t oo har d. Because t hat ' s t he most danger ous moment , i sn' t i t? Li sa Wcl l , yeah! Even i f you j ump wi t hout a par achut e, i t ' s not danger ous unt i l you l andl Br endan No, good poi nt! Key They t al k about a par achut e j ump f r om space t hat Br endan i s r eadi ng about i n t he paper and a par achut e i ump Li sa di d. Somebody' s pl anr - r i ng t o do a par achut e j ump t r om space.

Fr om spacc? An Aust r al i an. So t hat ' s, what. Li sa Br endan Li sa Teach i n g n o t es Lesson 8.

How of t en do you r ead a newspaper? How much t i me do you spend r eadi ng about or wat chi ng t he news? Hav e you seen a channel l i ke t hi s bef or e? Do you know t he names of any busi ness news channel s? Do you wat ch one r egul ar l y? Key 1 exchange 2 i ndex 3 cur r enci es 4 exchange r at e PRE. Ch eck t h e answer s t oget her. Kr y 1 Yes, busi ness has been good f or Geo- Cor e. I t hi nk, si mpl y, i t ' s because dcmand has been ver y st r ong.

Our sal es have been good. Al an Pr esent er Obvi ousl y, your company doesn' t sel l oi l - you' r e an expl or at i on comp any, you wor k f or oi l compani es and. But what do hi gh oi l pr i ccs mean f or your busi ness?

What do you spend your money on? Ch e c k answer s t oget her. Key 1 pr oper t y 2 Because of hi gh pr oper t y pr i ces. Th ey deci de wh et h er h e agr ees or di sagr ees wi t h each st at ement. I n t he UK, most peopl e i nvest most of t hei r money i n t hei r house. What ' s your vi ew on t he UK pr oper t y mar ket?

Wel l , i n r ecent year s, pr i ces have gone up. But i nf l at i on has been j ust t wo or t hr ee per cent ayear. Today, t he Bank of Engl and i s much mor e car ef ul wi t h. Communication skills are carefully prioritised, allowing learners to start working in English at the Mark Ibbotson, Bryan Stephens. Communication skills are carefully This is CD 2 part 2 from an audio course for Business Start-Up 1 Students Book for elementary students ready to learn Business English through the use of authentic material, real companies and credible communication scenarios, ensuring that adult learners remain interested and motivated.

Communication skills are carefully prioritised, allowing learners to start working in English This is Audio CD 1 from an audio course for Business Start-Up 1 Students Book for elementary students ready to learn Business English through the use of authentic material, real companies and credible communication scenarios, ensuring that adult learners remain interested and motivated. Cambridge University Press, The Teacher's Book contains detailed notes on every lesson with added tips and advice on how to manage and extend the course material.

Additional communication activities in each lesson offer even more communicative Business Start-up is a two-level Business English course which takes beginners and false beginners from basic English up to the point where they can start preparing for the BEC Preliminary examination. Business Start-up brings reality to theNot hi ng compl i cat ed. OK, so can I book t wo seat s, pl ease?

Tessa Oh, no. When do you go shoppi ng? Ah, my name' s l van Magnusson. Conduct or? SB Page 99, Exercise 4.