How to Make Girls Chase eBook Now You Can Instantly Download And Get Your Hands On The eBook That Will Change How You .. Chase Amante. Chase Amante About the Author: Chase Amante. Chase woke up one day in tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find. Tweet this eBook. Share on Facebook comments we receive at GirlsChase. com, guys wan]ng to know .. Chase Amante is the founder and president of Girls.

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How to Make Girls Chase is an ebook by Chase Amante on seducing women. It's one of the most insightful guides I have read on the subject. How to Make Girls Chase / Chase Amante. ISBN: ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First and foremost, I must thank Sebastian Marshall, who has. How to Text a Girl: A Girls Chase Guide (Girls Chase Guides Book 1) - site edition by Chase Amante. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC.

Your posture. Your voice.

More than that, it includes things like how you talk to women, what you talk to them about, and how it makes them feel. But when you try to impress women, all you end up communicating to them is that you feel they are worthy of you exerting effort to show off how attractive you are. In other words… the man who does this is competing for them.

If you want to turn the tables, the first step is your fundamentals; the first step starts with you. Where Process Steps In What if I told you that all you needed to get girls was: A little attraction generated naturally by sound fundamentals, and A solid set of steps to follow to take women from strangers to lovers Sound like something you could get behind? Might you wonder why it is she felt she had to tell you all these things?

Short answer: Longer answer: When he eliminates these mistakes and begins doing things technically correct, opening goes much more smoothly, and his consistency in getting strong receptions from women off the opener goes up. Think about it like this: How many of them talk fast?

None of them, right?

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They all talk in A man who speaks slowly, on the other hand, communicates two things: A powerful man does not need to spit everything out to defend his position in a conversation; he can take his time to get there. People size other people up very quickly based on their speed of speech. Loudness is good, to an extent, and confidence is always attractive, but these guys take it too far and it seems rather… artificial. Tryhard, if you will.

How chase.amante started their book cover journey

Women can tell when a man is trying. Say a woman is leaning up against a bar, thinking deep thoughts and waiting for her friends to return from the dance floor. Lots of guys will come in very hard, busting on this girl, trying to be witty, trying to be creative and funny and interesting. Or they might loudly and facetiously tell her she needs to calm down. It took me, oh, a few years to really learn this lesson myself. So it often seems to be working. But it gives a false confidence.

But what they do do, instead, is they accompany me home a lot more often and a lot more easily. For a long time, I was trying to figure out the magic solution to transition from the high energy opening I was doing into the seductive energy needed later to move the interaction forward.

How to Make Girls Chase eBook

Eventually I realized the solution was simply being chill and seductive from the outset — it removes the problem of having to tone things down. Ten minutes later, while you look at another car, another man walks up, clearly more experienced a salesman. He leans up against the car next to you and gets comfortably close to you, but his body is turned away from you.

His head is toward you though, and he smiles warmly and makes some idle chit chat about the car, the city, the weather, the playoffs. You instantly feel more at ease, and ask him if you can take the car for a test drive. But by staying far away, being visibly uncomfortable, and looking nervous, he makes you feel very uncomfortable being in his presence.

The inexperienced guy was projecting an expectation of you not wanting to work with him — and, like the self fulfilling prophecy it is, that made you not want to work with him. He seems calm and self composed; you feel more comfortable letting your guard down around him. Funny, huh?

How you project expecting an interaction to go influences how it actually goes. These are the things to watch for and correct if you notice yourself doing them wrong. Staying far away.

Neither does her family. If you catch yourself doing this, force yourself to start closing these gaps. Being the outsider is never what you want to be. Protecting yourself. These include folding the arms over the chest to protect the upper abdomen, and crossing legs closely together while seated to protect the genitals. Be aware of these behaviors and scratch them out. You can add arm crossing back into your body language later This was a thorn in my side for such a long time.

What If You Were Amazing at Dating? Girls Chase Offers Sneak Peek at Mastery

Purse your lips, rub your hand over the corner of your mouth, do anything to stop smiling. And if you start Then, he waits. And waits. And says nothing.

He is waiting for her response. What happened? What are the reasons a woman might not reply to a man right away? Which do you think him standing there waiting for her to come to a decision on proceeding will be a good thing for him?

That's right — none of them. Now consider the following scenario: He waits a split second, but no response. So, he toned things down and asked her a basic situational question. Understandable; that initial opening can be one of the most nerve wracking aspects of meeting women. Wouldn't it be great if you could have a guy explain it all in thorough, easy-to-follow, guided step-by-step detail? So you wouldn't have to wonder how to get success with beautiful women anymore I want to bet you that, if I told you to just go out there and just go talk to girls, it's easy, and you'll figure it out just fine on your own, that you'd be a little angry at me.

Send you out there on your own, with NO extra insight, advice, or information, and expect you to somehow "figure it all out" anyway?

Well, guess what They go out and decide they're going to figure it out on their own. Lone Ranger kind of stuff.

How to Make Girls Chase eBook

These are the guys you see bumbling around drunk at the bar, girls shaking their heads and walking away from them in disgust. These are the guys you see getting angry and upset at their girlfriends because they don't understand women and don't know why their women are doing what they're doing. So maybe ten years isn't enough. That's why I think you'd be mad at me if I told you to go out there and do it alone. He'll have NO idea what to do differently. That's what learning from a guy who's already figured it all out does for you.

RIGHT away. Which means you don't want to go out there and do it totally alone, Lone Ranger-style, fighting through fog and confusion and uncertainty and doubt. Y ou need a guide -- someone able to teach you how to get success with women and dating -- and you need to start seeing immediate returns TODAY. If there's one thing that makes finding someone to teach you dating success HARD, it's how much EGO tends to be involved in this part of people's lives. For one reason or another, it seems like half the men on Planet Earth want to tell you they're good with girls What ends up happening is that you look for someone to teach you I don't want you to end up in that boat.


And, I want to reassure you that I'm NOT one of those ego-driven guys -- and that I'm not selling you snake oil or some feel-good stuff that doesn't actually tell you how to do anything. So here's what just a few of the clients I've trained live and in-person have had to say about me: But I've got to tell you Chase was there the whole time to help me out. It's funny I'm really not doing anything all that spectacular -- I just eliminated a few bad habits and started applying the same basic structure I learned from Chase for each date.

The skills required to be good at picking up women often do not overlap with the attributes of a good coach. SO much better for it.In a practical sense, you'll see more effective ways to tell stories and how to make them more exciting and interactive for women.

Responding to Challenges Chase Amante also talks about responding to challenges.

If a woman does something good, reward her; if she does something bad, discourage it. Faere marked it as to-read Dec 29, One thing I'd failed to do the last time I found myself in this boat. Mannerisms The most attractive men have distinct mannerisms that make them stand out and make women take notice of them.

Posture This consists of the following: A man like this provides the following kinds of value to a woman: Stay positive, and women will respond much better to your situational openers in general. Russell Goldstein marked it as to-read Jul 23,