Intrinsic to the TWG Tea experience, the Tea Book will give inquisitive customers a wealth of curious and fascinating facts at their fingertips as they learn more. TWG TEA CATALOGUES. DARJEELING HARVESTS. New Gyokuro Harvests. NEW GYOKURO HARVESTS. HOLIDAY COLLECTION. TWG Tea on the Bridge at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Picture: Tea book with detailed explanation - Check out TripAdvisor members' candid photos.

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TWG Tea on the Bridge at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Picture: Tea book ~ =) - Check out TripAdvisor members' candid photos and videos of TWG Tea. Fun Fact from the TWG Teabook: Did you know in BC in China, while the divine emperor Shen Nong was resting under a tree, a sudden gust of wind blew. For example, the team developed a comprehensive mobile app that functions as an internal training tool, a TWG Tea Book detailing information.

Innovation as a core competence: The brand is seen as a true innovator in the market as it consistently creates new varieties of tea every season. Different production processes are applied to its ranges of blue tea, black tea, green tea, red tea, white tea, and yellow tea. By blending methods and adding in additional ingredients such as fruits, flowers and spices to its teas, the company has managed to harvest its own distinctive collection of teas.

Its flexible approach in enabling customer feedback to influence the production process is also a huge success factor for its reputation as a true innovator. Due to the considerably stronger demand of its retail products, the brand also takes product packaging seriously. The packaging of each product is designed carefully by its in-house designers, with the designs being adjusted based on seasons and trends, just like fashion. Besides its impressive tea collection, the TWG Tea brand is also known for its innovation in its interior design.

Moving ahead, the brand is looking to expand further into the Middle East with the same distribution strategy. Besides its retail outlets, salons and patisseries, TWG Tea is very careful in selecting other distribution channels to market its products.

interesting tea book - Picture of TWG Tea on the Bridge at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

These channels include five-star hotels, airlines and fine dining restaurants — very much in line with its positioning as a luxury brand. TWG Tea brand communication strategy At the point of its inception, TWG Tea was faced with an uphill communications challenge — being the first mover in the market, it had to launch its brand in a market that was not accustomed to perceiving tea as a luxury commodity.

The initial phase of work focused on launching the brand first in Singapore before rolling out an international campaign to build brand equity in various global markets. An interesting fact to note is that when other tea companies were aggressively advertising or giving promotions and discounts, TWG Tea decided not to advertise. When cost cutting and discounts were the norm to attract customers, TWG Tea chose to emphasize the luxurious aspects of its brand and its high quality of tea products.

This was in fact a very risky move, considering that the brand was launched right after the blow of the Asian Financial Crisis in , when consumers were tightening their purses and were considerably less willing to spend on luxury goods. Nonetheless, its current global success speaks volumes about the strength of its brand communications strategy and execution. One of the most important success factors is the amount of investment that TWG Tea commits towards communicating a consistent premium image through its stores and salons.

Instead of spending on advertising, TWG Tea invests in its store locations and store displays as key elements of its marketing strategy. The brand takes care to ensure that its branches are located at attractive and strategic units.

The TWG Tea Garden salon is perched atop a placid reflective pool surrounded by tasteful flowers and greenery.

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Future brand and business challenges of TWG Tea Using its tried and tested expansion strategy, the TWG Tea brand looks set to expand quickly and successfully into various global markets. However, history has shown that once a brand hits maturity, it is very easy for it to go down the road of complacency.

Increased competition: As TWG Tea continues to expand into new markets, it will increasingly come across different levels of local and regional competition. Some of these will come from local, regional or global tea chains, or independent tea shops.

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The experiential aspect of the brand has always been a key differentiator for TWG Tea. But the same consumer, who TWG Tea has educated in drinking tea, has now a much finer and sophisticated taste for tea drinking. These developed and refined preferences may increase the propensity for switching and puts the TWG Tea brand at risk. Local tea chains with a strong local heritage or tea chains which position themselves as gourmet and high quality can easily replicate the TWG Tea experience through offering superior tea products.

TWG Tea customers, who are used to paying a premium for the high-quality tea experience, will be open to switching whenever the same levels of quality and experience can be recreated. Constant need for innovation: Innovation seems to have become a buzzword that is as much misused by the popular press as it is by many brands. Given such a nature of innovation, it is a fundamental building block of iconic brands.

The Tea Book

Leading brands create their corporate strategies with an inherent strategic element encompassing innovation. Brand strategies that are envisioned with innovation as one of the core elements affords the brand a long lasting competitive advantage that would even withstand system level shocks such as recession.

To-date there has not been another luxury tea company operating on the same global scale as TWG Tea. Nonetheless, new entrants to the market can easily copy the luxury tea drinking concept by offering a wide range of high-quality teas in a quaint setting.

For TWG Tea, innovation should not just be limited to bringing new tea products to its markets, but should be extended to encompass many internal functions such as innovation in channel communication with customers and other stakeholders , innovation in organizational cultures work practices and internal brand practices and innovation in implementing cost-cutting and efficiency-enhancing strategies.

Most of the above-mentioned are not new processes for TWG Tea to administer but there is a need for consistent implementation across its global operations. Global expansion: TWG Tea has put in a lot of effort in recreating similar levels of brand experience in each of its salons across the world. Its attention to detail to achieve this is commendable. The concept of cultural differences in terms of how time is spent outside and for what activities need to drive the local marketing strategies for the brand.

For TWG Tea, if the core brand value is to create a beautiful setting for customers to enjoy tea at their own relaxed pace with their friends, then this experience should match with the local culture. The key here would be to conduct thorough market research. A very good case study to learn from is Starbucks , who managed to launch its coffee concept very successfully in China, a culture of primarily tea drinkers.

To make its menu more relevant to Chinese consumers, Starbucks introduced beverages that included local tea-based ingredients. Market research also revealed that the Starbucks experience appealed to those aspiring to Western standards or those climbing the social ladder in their own culture. Responding to this, Starbucks initiated partnerships with local coffee companies to better understand the intricacies of local tastes and preferences.

To ensure success in a risky market, TWG Tea needs to conduct market research and explore similar expansion strategies.

Premium pricing has its potential pitfalls in many markets due to the following reasons: Only a specific sub-segment of the population can be the target market, which in many instances can be very small or niche Younger age groups, who would tend to display behavioural patterns that match the psychological behaviour of the target consumer spending time with friends etc.

Embracing digital: Taha Bouqhib expresses that TWG Tea is very optimistic about embracing digital opportunities into its marketing strategy.

Indeed, the brand has demonstrated this through being the first global tea brand to launch its m-commerce application back in It also successfully launched a new global online retail platform and local invitation-only MyTWG membership programme in , enabling consumers residing in markets where TWG Tea does not have stores in greater accessibility to the brand and its products. However, Taha Bouqhib believes in focusing more on idea generation and creation of new products, experiences and concepts.

As a result, the brand does not spend much time and effort in analyzing the success of past campaigns. However, one of the most important principles to successful brand building is to measure the brand performance. Only with data and insights can a brand manager figure out the gaps between its current situation and its desired future state, and think of solutions to achieve its future state.

To fully leverage on the business opportunities that digital has to offer, it is important for TWG Tea to collect data, and define certain digital marketing metrics to assess the success of its marketing campaigns, in order to conduct more targeted marketing campaigns in the future that can deliver greater ROI. Uncompromising delivery on superior brand promise: One of the biggest challenges for any brand is to consistently deliver on all the brand promises.

Successful brands are those that create supportive organizational and operational structures that facilitate the implementation of strategies to deliver on the promises.

The quality is exquisite, the portions are adequate and the prices are very reasonable. Whether you are a tea lover or a coffee-addict, you still have plenty of reasons to visit and try what this quaint restaurant has to offer. The location might set you back especially with the on-going constructions happening around the city but, like myself, I hope this could be one solid reason why you will take that extra effort to go to Mall of Qatar. I am all set for another visit next weekend to try their breakast menu and other items.

Did I tell you that they have Wagyu Beef too? However, all photos and opinions are mine. I highly recommend it. It would be a pity seeing this place with less traffic than it really deserves. I love afternoon tea! The food looks amazing, so vibrant and colourful! I would love to try this and am definitely adding this to my list! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Email Address. The selection was so huge, you will need to consult this book. Where each tea is explained in details. Other best-sellers. Ice Tea Collection. Golden Yin Zhen Tea. Yes, gold luster tea leaves! Pre-packed box selections are available for download. Candle that smell like your favorite tea.

Tea book ~ =) - Picture of TWG Tea on the Bridge at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

An Arabic Inspired Tea Pot made out of gold. Available for QAR 20, Or you can opt for the silver one if gold is too flashy. Soup of the Day: Lobster Soup.

Tea Infused Bun. Tea Infused Butter.

Never dry: Perfectly seasoned fish retains its juice. Chocolate Mousse. Lime Cheesecake. Tea-Infused Pastries. Tea-Infused Jelly and Cream.

Rich and decadent pastry platter.

Delectable desserts waiting to be devoured. Share this: You may also enjoy: Upside Down Discovery at Melenzane. Sushi The pictures are stunning! I love how the food is tea infused.The location might set you back especially with the on-going constructions happening around the city but, like myself, I hope this could be one solid reason why you will take that extra effort to go to Mall of Qatar. To fully leverage on the business opportunities that digital has to offer, it is important for TWG Tea to collect data, and define certain digital marketing metrics to assess the success of its marketing campaigns, in order to conduct more targeted marketing campaigns in the future that can deliver greater ROI.

Australia - including Perth - is next on the list of countries to experience "the finest luxury tea brand in the world", according to Ms Barnes, the company's business development director. A large part of its success is due to its strategic focus to build TWG Tea into a global brand right from the start, even before it opened its first location. TWG Tea, which stands for The Wellbeing Group, is a luxury concept that incorporates unique and original retail outlets, exquisite tea rooms and an international distribution network to professionals.

Delectable desserts waiting to be devoured.