support in PDF form digital copies of our books, plus exclusive mate- rial available only on e23 GURPS Zombies web page is zombies. PDF. * Price $ * Stock number Always Available – Click here to For a collection of eight campaign ideas that build on GURPS Zombies (from. problem for the "zombie" genre by giving new GURPS GMs and players the rules .. the End. If you want to dive into GURPS, download the Basic Set as a PDF bundle.

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GURPS, Warehouse 23, and the all-seeing pyramid are registered Duration of Spells and Magic Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server. GURPS Zombies is now available in pdf format. According to at some point too. The pdf version is available right now and can be found here. Zombies - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. GURPS Fouth Edition Zombies.

I see this possibly in combination with GURPS Horror serving to provide me with a wide range of adventure ideas with a darker tone to them.

If you do play GURPS, as I do, there's also a lot of good pre-made material which could easily be plopped into a game.

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Similar Threads The Zombies are here! Tuesday, 25th May, , Movie Zombies Not Really Zombies? Monday, 10th October, , Sunday, 4th April, , If only there were a guide to all this stuff! It goes into detail on all kinds of zombies — undead and living, slow and fast, supernatural and superscience, and more.

Its pages include: A rules-free survey of zombies by fictional and folkloric origin, physical and supernatural type, and dramatic role.

Systematic guidelines for creating custom zombies to surprise your players. Ready-to-use examples for the zombie-master in a rush: B-movie and fantasy undead, living-but-infected crazies, necromancers' pets, science experiments gone horribly wrong, surgical constructs gone disturbingly right, and many others.

Rules for topics dear to the zombie-lover's heart: horde management, splatter and contagion, cures, and even inventing new kinds of zombies! Information for those who must confront zombies, including gear recommendations, rules for avoiding infection and simply surviving, and templates for survivors, zombie-hunters, and zombie-makers. If theyre alive, they should be sore-ridden, vomiting, and preferably mangled. If theyre undead, hold that thought but add some rot and beetles and maggots.

Its especially dramatic if theyre weak, slow, and fall apart messily when taken down no player is going to say, Hey, I want to be undead! Done right, no player is going to want to let such a zombie get anywhere near his PC, either.

GURPS Zombies - Warehouse 23

Fear of Disease Decay isnt the only horror that infected zombies convey; theres also disease in its own right. People have a healthy fear of infection thats a survival mechanism, arguably a human instinct.

We fear sickness even though we know that normal pathogens incubate for days to weeks two to 21 days for Ebola, two to 12 weeks for rabies , that the deadliest diseases have survivors, and that if we beat the odds, well still be human. But zombie plagues arent so forgiving. They work in hours, minutes, or perhaps seconds.

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There are no survivors that the plot doesnt call for. Worst of all, victims who succumb become monsters, and go forth to infect friends and loved ones.

Hows your fear of infection now? The means of infection can vary: a pathogen borne in saliva or blood, a contagious curse, even foul macroscopic creatures that breed inside the body and creep out to crawl into the orifices of the living.

Sean Punch: Gurps Zombies, 4th Edition

Throw in a little decay to make the disease even scarier. And countless forces, from communist propaganda to capitalist cola ads, say Conform. The threat of facelessness hangs over us all. Zombies are a wonderful symbol for this fear.

Sean Punch

Play up their lack of creativity, will, and identity. Make them servants that do what theyre told. Emphasize the huge mobs of the classic apocalypse scenario, and show how people who had names, lives, and loves get sucked into the faceless sea known only as the horde. Or use infection again, but this time to capitalize on our fear of becoming just like everybody else, individuality supplanted by an acquired program.

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Fear of Cannibalism When some serial killer chops up and eats his victims, or a drug-crazed maniac chews somebodys face off, it freaks people out. And with good reason humans dont do that.

There, its customarily spelled zombi or zonbi, and can be associated with any of living-but-drugged slaves, animated corpses, or bound spirits that augment the power of a bokor sorcerer.

Details vary by individual tradition and with anthropological mis interpretation. Having been developed by African slaves in the Caribbean, much of Vodous jargon has African origins. Here the trail gets hard to follow, as various Niger-Congo languages offer a bewildering variety of similar terms: ndzumbi, nzambi, nzumbe, nzumbi, zambi, zumbi, etc.

Meanings encompass fetish, god, and cadaver or spirit of a dead person. Vodou practitioners might have borrowed such a name to describe a bound spirit, the fetish in which it was bound, a slave created by such a binding, or a deity worshipped by zombie-makers.


Its safe to say that somebody going for a Vodou feel could use any of these variants. To the typical gamer, theyll sound about the same and send the right message.

For other options, see Ghouls, Infected, and Walkers p.

ZombieTown: A Free GURPS Adventure

Zombie ghouls turn that on its head. They represent the veneer of civility crumbling, exposing us for the opportunists we are. The classic way to strike fear into hearts with cannibalism is to have the zombies eat people. Undead ghouls are scary enough, consuming the living to maintain an unnatural state. Far scarier are ghouls that arent dead yet crazy or infected zombies that evoke all the terror of a psycho killer without the faintest hope that words will be understood or that remorse will grant a reprieve.

Mutant teeth are always a nice touch.RPG Item Rank: And sometimes they get up. No videos found. Sean Punch pages.

Rutledge lifted a hand as if hed just realized Elcott was there, and began to descend the slope, Hamish arguing with pdf every step of the way.

Savage Streets rips a page from today's news to bring you a city held hostage by drug-crazed, face-eating maniacs.