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Skygolf SkyCaddie SG4 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Skygolf SkyCaddie SG4 User Manual. [Free DOWNLOAD] Skycaddie Sg4 User Manual Ebooks [Free Reading] at. Free Download Books Skycaddie Sg4. download SkyCaddie SG4 Golf GPS (Gray/Black): Golf Course GPS Units of device), you can easily download thousands of our professionally enabled SkyCourses.

To use CaddieSync, first power on your SkyCaddie. Power on the SkyCaddie.

If the screen remains blank after pressing this button, you may need This marine grade cover fits most single DIN size head units and will protect against splashes and debris. Consult a qualified marine technician or service manual for instructions. A well-established document that proved to still be robust and valid. Hence date changes only in the update. Controlled height The controlled height is the height protected by the safety light curtain Hp Fig.

Keep this manual available to all personnel. This digital optical signal with bit resolution and 3.

You ll receive the latest software updates for your SkyCaddie to keep it running at peak performance. Whether you are a PC user or a Mac user, software updates are common. The software that runs on your SkyCaddie needs to be updated too.

By regularly syncing with our CaddieSync desktop software, your SkyCaddie will download software maintenance updates and the latest map updates for the courses you play. Keep your favorite courses altogether in your personal online account. Manage and save the courses you play regularly in your Favorites list within CaddieSync. Your membership plan ensures your favorite courses are easily accessible when you re ready to play.

You ll receive anytime, anywhere access to your courses, uploaded scorecards and personal game statistics. Access your personal golf information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world where there is a computer with Internet access! And remember, SkyCaddie Customer Support is always here if you need us. Should anything interfere with your SkyCaddie experience, our knowledgeable staff is always available by web, , or phone to walk through a resolution with you.

SkyCaddie Members automatically receive free ClubSG Premium access, with the ability to upload round data from the SGX and access to over 50 game tracking stats, as part of their annual Membership plan. Since SkyGolf started back in , until the release of the SGX, our Mappers have walked approximately , miles a distance that is the equivalent of walking nearly 12 times around the Earth!

Preloaded course maps will ONLY show the distances to the front, center, and back of the green.

If you wish to see other targets on the hole, or some of the other views as shown on the SGX packaging, you will need to use an Advanced Feature course map, available through a SGX Membership. SkyCaddie uses the only method that Tour caddies use to provide distances to their Pros: we walk the course.

With a course library approaching 30, maps, SkyCaddie maintains the largest ground-mapped course database in the world. No one else uses this method, because it is very expensive in terms of labor and money.

But SkyCaddie invests thousands of manhours and millions of dollars every year to maintain our ground-mapped course library because we believe your game is worth it.

sg4 manual

Our members trust the information that their SkyCaddie provides them, which is why SkyCaddie has remained the leader in this technology for the last 10 years. Our course map library is growing daily. Whenever we receive a notification that a course layout has changed, we send a mapper out to re-map the course, so that our members have the most up-to-date distance information in the game. We update thousands of courses a month.

The SGX is capable of storing and using two types of professionallymapped courses: 1 Basic Green course maps also referred to as preloaded courses and 2 Advanced Feature course maps. This allows it to be ready-to-play out of the box. Your complimentary day trial period will begin once you register your device or after three holes of golf, whichever is first.

Professional SkyCaddie Mapper wearing our survey-grade GPS backpack while ground-mapping a golf course Basic Green Distances The front, center and back of the green for the hole you are playing show distance calculations based on a line of approach from the center of the fairway.

Basic Green distances do not adjust based on a different angle of approach. This is different from IntelliGreen, which rotates the green and recalculates distances from your angle of approach. On Day 31, your SGX will only display the benefits that correspond to the membership plan you downloadd. Should you choose one of our SGX membership plans, you will receive the Basic Green information related to the plan you selected only for the region you specified.

Basic Green course play screen with yardages Preload Course expiration message The green image used for the background for Basic Green courses is NOT intended to represent the true shape of the green for the hole you are on; only IntelliGreen, IntelliGreen Pro, and HoleVue on Advanced Feature course maps display the true shape of the green.

During the preload trial period, the scoring and mark ball features are available. However, the SGX will only maintain a scorecard for the round you re playing while the device is on , until a Membership plan has been downloadd; then the number of rounds that can be saved on the device will increase to 10 rounds.

These courses unlock the full potential of your SGX by displaying not only basic green information, but distances to hazards, carries and layups as well. Any feature on a golf course that comes into play or is typically marked is called a Target. When a SkyCaddie Mapper walked the course you are on, he identifed and recorded several tee, fairway and green targets per hole that you would want to know the distance to in order to choose the best club for your shot. Almost all Advanced Feature course maps include IntelliGreen and distances to hazards, carries, and layups.

With this information, you will have everything you need to play your best golf. Interactive HoleVue with Zoom may be available with an Advanced Feature course map 8 Overview of Advanced Course Management Features Feature Availability IntelliGreen Pro and HoleVue started being added to SkyCaddie s course database in , so availability of these features may be limited in your area initially, but those quantities will grow rapidly as the hole images are corrected and rectified through our mapping process.

While this process is tedious and may delay release of HoleVue in mass quantities, the reliability factor is overriding our temptation to provide images with less reliability. Hazards, Carries and Layups: SkyCaddie records thousands of points on each golf course with sub-meter precision. Distances to hazards, carries and layups are displayed automatically as you move down the course.

Knowing these critical distances lets you manage your game and eliminate those 6, 7, and 8s from your scorecard. Interactive HoleVue With Zoom: SkyCaddie is creating, at a rate of hundreds per week, the only highprecision graphics library of every golf hole, based on ground-corrected data.

With HoleVue, you ll know the distance to any point on a hole in order to play that hole with the fewest strokes. Need a close-up view to strategize your next shot? HoleVue includes a patented zoom function to dial into the exact area you need to see. The number of course maps with Interactive HoleVue, while growing weekly, is limited; please go to and search our course database to see if your course is HoleVue-ready.

IntelliGreen : With SkyCaddie s patented IntelliGreen technology, the exact shape of the green automatically rotates to match your angle of approach to provide all of the distances you need to hit more greens and avoid 3-putts.

This proprietary feature gives you a chance to turn every shot into a scoring opportunity by providing front carry and back distances, depth of green, and distances to any other point on the green simultaneously. IntelliGreen Pro: Built on proven IntelliGreen technology, IntelliGreen Pro is another proprietary feature that adds distances to major green contours, false fronts, front carry and back distances plus any other point on the green from your angle of attack.

This kind of crucial scoring information is only possible by using our ground-verified mapping process. The number of course maps with IntelliGreen Pro, while growing weekly, is limited; please go to and search our course database to see if your course has IntelliGreen Pro. Not all courses have significant green contours that require this feature. QuickVue : SkyCaddie s exclusive QuickVue provides a virtual preview of the safest path from the tee to green.

At a single glance, golfers know the exact green shape with IntelliGreen, the total distance from tee to the green, the shape of the golf hole, the distance and direction to the perfect fairway position and the distance remaining from that position for the approach shot to the green. All information is derived from SkyCaddie s exclusive TrueGround mapping technology to provide golfer s with the highest reliability in the industry.

Syncing typically takes less than a minute. Connect the SGX to your computer using the micro-usb cable. Did You Know? You can manually enter in your SkyGolf. If you are syncing up to 50 Advanced Feature SkyCourses to your SGX or if there is a new software update please expect the download and installation process to take a few minutes, as there will be a lot of data being transferred to your SGX.

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Start CaddieSync. Click on Courses in the main navigation bar, then Course Search link in the sub-navigation bar to search for courses. On the course results page, you will see the Facility Name with the location beneath it , Number of Holes with the course type, such as Public or Private , Course Features, and Add to Favorites column.

Clicking on the course s name will take you to that course listing on ClubSG BETA so that you can see details about the course, such as address, phone number, hours of operation, fees, and user ratings. You will see icons listed under the Course Features column. This shows you what features are available on the course map you are interested in. If you hover your mouse cursor over an icon, you will see what that icon means.

Clicking on the icon will take you to a details page on that feature. This will save this map to you personal favorites list for download later. Once you are finished selecting courses, click on Favorites on the sub-navigation bar. From this page, you can select the courses you want up to 50 at a time then click on the button that is labeled Download to My SkyCaddie.

When a course in your Favorites list is updated, you will need to re-download the course to your SGX to get access to the update. We recommend re-downloading your courses each time you sync to ensure you have the most up-to-date information available. Choose Play Golf to begin. The SGX will search for satellite signals, keeping you informed of its status using the progress bar.

Once satellite signals have been acquired, the Satellite Signal Indicator will show the signal strength, represented by a series of bars. The SGX will then automatically advance to the next screen or you may choose to manually advance to the next screen while the GPS continues to search for signals. If only one course is loaded, the SGX will ask if you want to play that course. When a course is displayed on the Course Selection screen, either select that course to play, or simply scroll to another course.

Courses will be sorted by distance from your current location. Preloaded Courses Nearby Courses Hole Selection screen Once a course has been selected, the SGX will ask you for the hole to start on or you may choose to select the Driving Range. If the course you are playing has a driving range that has been mapped by a SkyCaddie Mapper, the Driving Range feature will display the actual distance to each yardage sign based on the location of the hitting area Manually Selecting a Basic Green Course Preloaded Course : 1.

On the Course Selection screen, scroll to the option that says Preloaded Courses After the day Basic Green Course Preload trial period is over, you will only see courses for the region your Membership plan covers. If you sign up for a SGX Membership before the 30 day trial is over, you will still have access to all of the preloaded courses.

Search for the course by name by scrolling through the list of courses shown on the SGX. Once you have discovered the course, press the Right Key under OK. The SGX will load that course map so you can play using that information. See Section 2. User manual for the device Mitel Documents Similar To Mitel userguide.


This handy guide will help users get started with the latest. It's also worth scrolling through the rest of this User Guide so you get a feel Comparison of most common handheld microphones. Bluetooth barcode scanners and RFID scanners are easy to implement in your business. Get the last word on English grammar Grasping the intricacies of the English language doesn't need to beSyncing typically takes less than a minute.

Press the Mark Ball button as you stand next to your ball when you are in the Tee Box 2. IntelliGreen : With SkyCaddie s patented IntelliGreen technology, the exact shape of the green automatically rotates to match your angle of approach to provide all of the distances you need to hit more greens and avoid 3-putts.

Our customer service representatives are working to quickly assist all customers in the queue in the order they are received. Use the joystick to re-position the crosshair by moving it in the desired direction and release.

By default, all of these stats will be ON. Choose to select that hole or advance to a different hole by scrolling through the list of holes using the Joystick.

Learn More — opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. But SkyCaddie invests thousands of manhours and millions of dollars every year to maintain our ground-mapped course library because we believe your game is worth it.

Our SkyGolf website allows you to manage your SkyCaddie courses, membership renewals, and other settings directly from the website using CaddieSync Express The 6 detailed steps b.