'For I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, and visit the sins of the fathers upon the children unto The Sins of the Fath Best Kept Secret - Jeffrey A collection of three volumes of Jeffrey Archer's masterful short stories. Mar Free Download The Collected Short Stories by Jeffrey Archer for free! Amazing Boox - New site eBooks; Daily eBook Deals; Free Books.

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Books & Plays Short Stories The Collected Short Stories The New York Times raved about A Twist in the Tale, “Jeffrey Archer plays a subtle cat-and-mouse. The New Collected Short Stories book. Read 23 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Every reader will have their own favourites: the ch. Be the first to ask a question about Collected Short Stories .. Jeffrey Archer is an author that always got me hooked up with his novels. .. (I'm just addicted to this like the Love at First Sight in "New collected stories") in A Quiver Full of Arrows.

Pick jeffery Archer!! A lengthy tome, just short of pages, this is actually a collection of three short stories anthologies.

The New Collected Short Stories

Once I had completed this, I felt like I had my fill of short stories for this year at least! What drew me to this collection was the overwhelming reputation that Jeffrey Archer holds as a writer.

I have never read any of his books before and this introduction to his writing was a positive one. I am not one to usually read a collection of short stories but I thought I would give this a go. The flair that comes across in these short stories meant that at times, I truly forgot that this was what I was reading.

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The pace in these stories was adequate and one that meant the story itself was fully "extinguished" by its natural conclusion. Only rarely was I left wanting more from a story, but found that the next one satisfied this hunger.

One of the appealing elements of this anthology is that some of the stories are ambiguously autobiographical.

The stories are well-written and often clever, with unexpected twists that I did not see coming. This really helped my enjoyment of this collection, although, I have to admit, after I while I did feel desperate for a developed, lengthy novel.

Therefore, I think this anthology is ideal for someone who wants to "dip in and out" of their reading. In other words, either read this for an occasional read, or, to really enjoy it at its best, have this alongside another novel you are tackling. Whilst I sometimes found it difficult to sustain my interest in this collection, naturally the stories cover a broad appeal for a range of tastes.

Mar 26, Layali rated it it was amazing Shelves: Such an entertaining read. Each story is unique and very interesting that I am left with such a strong emotion at the end of every tale. Mar 30, Sushanth Shajil rated it liked it. Good, but mildly annoying. The stories in the book didn't give me enough closure. I was aware that this was intentionally done, so the reader can ponder about the possibilities of the ending.

Great read, but still annoying. May 05, Laura Boudreau rated it it was amazing. I love this author's short stories!

Intriguing and entertaining. Aug 15, Mitch rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thereby hangs a tale Sep 12, Gowri N.

Delightful collection, although some of the tales I wanted to re-read the one where the son wants to be a chef against his dad's wishes.

Archer's earliest works are still his best, no kidding. Aug 09, Rohit Enghakat rated it liked it Shelves: The book is strictly ok.

All the stories approx 50 are "feel good" tales, some very good and some just about ok to read. Hence a three star rating. Feb 13, Ananya rated it it was amazing.

See a Problem?

An interesting collection of heart-warming and tickling stories. I found relief in reading these stories during the mundane short breaks in between my work hours. Jeffrey Archer is indeed a master story teller as you'll find in these simple yet succinct narratives.

Jan 30, Rhiannon rated it really liked it Shelves: Great short stories! Sep 01, Akshansh Gupta rated it liked it. Not great. Nov 17, Souradeep Dirghangi rated it really liked it. A potpourri of themes.

Quite a few of them are class apart with a few touching a chord Apr 23, Ruth Pieterse rated it really liked it.

The Collected Short Stories - Jeffrey Archer.pdf

I'm a fan of short stories and Jeffrey Archer doesn't disappoint. Solid stories with plenty of twists in the tail. Feb 09, Agamonee Barbaruah added it. Well, this is modern-day age; a lot of books could be obtained quickly.

You will not require to go outdoors to get this e-book The Collected Short Stories By Jeffrey Archer By seeing this page, you have actually done the appropriate gazing point.

There are bunches of referred e- books to review. An excellent collection!

Here is an overview of each of the stories and the ratings for each.. Rosenheim wants a bauble from the jewelry store but has to play hustle to get the men in her life to commit to downloading it BROKEN ROUTINE: A man whose routine is unflappable is somewhat disturbed by a brash youth on the train who wants to read his paper and smoke his cigarettes. They trick the insurance company despite his condition and collect handsomely on David's death. The first part is the intro -- a man sees a beautiful woman entering a theatre, and finagles a seat next to her.

Then, he asks her to dinner and the story diverges into four possible endings RARE: Everthing goes perfectly, all too well in fact, and the ending is a depressing twist BURNT: The woman's husband turns up, so the night is a bust and goes downhill from there.

I am not personal friends with the author, nor do I follow him her on social media.

The best of Archer in 1 volume By A Customer This collection just thunders along at a hectic pace and you cannot wait to turn over the page to reveal the next twist in the tale. The stories are a mixture of humour, melancholy, utter suspense and bewilderment, and therefore keep the reader moving along at an exhilirating.Every reader will have their own favourites: Other Editions I've just finished reading it again in my own time and whilst they were still brilliant, I definitely felt like they got weaker as the stories went on.

This really helped my enjoyment of this collection, although, I have to admit, after I while I did feel desperate for a developed, lengthy novel. It was great to revisit some of the most amazing stories I read as a teenager.

Jeffrey Archer - Books Collection

All the stories approx 50 are "feel good" tales, some very good and some just about ok to read. But I was on holidays in a small town in Spain, and the only English book I could come across was this. The best thing about Archer's stories are the twists. For people who like storytelling and know what Jeffry Archer usually offers, this is a great book to read during daily commute as I did , on a journey, while waiting, or something to read before you go to sleep.